CWA / Red Cross Cooperation


As you can see in the article that appeared in the February 15, 1934 issue of the Clovis Independent, the New Deal put a heavy emphasis on a safe work environment. A far cry from the attitude of the bosses that workers were just disposable labor to be used and discarded.


A New Deal For Native Americans

New Indian Deal

As you can see in this editorial in the Clovis Independent (reprinting an editorial in the Fresno Bee) February 22, 1934, changes were underway in the reverse of the governmental policy of benign neglect for native Americans as it was for other minority groups. The use of native American code talkers in World War 2 in particular emphasizes the stupidity of supressing any culture.

Come Visit A Lost Civilization


My name is Andrew and you are invited to investigate the legacy of the most interesting period in modern history in the remains of stone walls, roads, golf courses, bridges, and other physical remains of the work programs that kept Americans alive during the terrible period of the 1930’s economic depression. In Griffith Park in Los Angeles, 4,300 acres of the largest urban park in the United States represents a showcase of president Franklin Roosevelts commitment to “put people to work!” as the newspaper headline shows. It is pretty doubtful that the 3 million people that visit the park every year have an inkling about how the area was transformed from an a barren wilderness to the family mecca it is today.

In showcasing the New Deal, I wish to give tours that comprise two different means depending on the persons ability and time available, areas that are accessible by car and areas that are only accessible by bike or by foot. The golf courses, the Greek theater, Griffith Observatory, the CCC memorial statue, & the tennis courts, are examples of Federal projects that are easily reached by car. Other aspects such as numerous check dams, certain roads, hiking trails, & elaborate rubble wall water channels can only be reached by bike or by hiking on both graded trails and non graded foot paths. In any case, come and let me give you a glimpse historically into a section of the metropolis of LA and the example of what happens when proper leadership creates something beautiful and lasting.

Wall Street is not the economy

One of the biggest problems one faces when talking about economics or the economy is the equation of it with the stock market and the assumption that the Dow Jones or the S&P 500 is the yardstick by which to measure how well the country is doing. The other is the half a century + old lie that government intervention into any aspect of the economy violates 1. economic equilibrium, 2. the delicate balance of nature, 3. or just upsets the gods of the market. All of these things have their roots in the ancient civilizations that used to reside in the area of todays Iraq. In president Franklin Roosevelts 1st inaugural address, he referred to the money changers in the temple which was the two references in the Bible (Mathew 21,12) (II Kings 18,16) that talk about monetary practices that originally came out of Assyria and Babylon.

New Arrival

Hello. I’m Drew, and am starting this as a way of putting thoughts down on the state of the economy and the current insanity of the orthodoxy of Keynesian, Libertarian, & Behaviorist schools that dominate universities and government.