The New Deal in Farmington Maine

The town reports provide a limited amount of reference to the New Deal following the usual terse just-the-facts format of most small towns. No mention of the construction of the Post Office by the Federal treasury department and the installation of a wood carving gets no mention for instance.


Expense on acct. of CWA and ERA $1,767.25

[This might be referring to the municipal airfield constructed by CWA/MERA (Maine Emergency Relief Administration]

Report of Superintendent of Schools

At West Farmington, Farmington Falls, Fairbanks School and the Red School, grading was done, the labor for which was paid by the Federal Government, but the material was furnished by the School Department. This is responsible for most of the deficit in the Repair Account. In addition to grading the grounds at the Red School, a new fence was built and the roof of the schoolhouse was shingled.


TOWN FARM After a special town meeting being held on April 27, at which ‘time it was voted to buy a Town Farm, the Selectmen, upon investigating the merits of several farms for sale, decided to purchase the Geo. M. Perkins Farm of 320 acres, with two sets of buildings, situated on the west side of Sandy River, for $3,000.00, which was loaned by The First National Bank, and is the only indebtedness at the present time as all other bills including stock, tools and improvements, insurance, etc. are paid.

A project under W. P. A. was secured, and labor to the amount of $289.00 was used on the water works.


4 people and a company are noted in relation to an unspecified WPA project.



Paid by town for materials, labor, trucks, arch culvert, etc. $3,049 24

Received from State, Special Resolve $1,974 50 Overdraft, no appropriation 1,074 74

Received from W. P. A. $6,105 23

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