The New Deal in Lunenburg Vermont

This small town in upper Vermont (population 1400 1930 Census) received the typical assistance for rural communities.

Auditors Report of the Town of Lunenburg, Vermont


“Several Federal Aid projects are at present under way in the district, including an Adult Education group, a Kinderarten group, School Nurses, and Noon Lunch projects. The real value of these will depend largely on the length of time they are maintained, and at

CWA Projects. When I submitted my last report several Federal Aid projects were under way in the district. A Kindergarten school was established at Gilman. This school was maintained through the summer and is being conducted through the present school year. Its staff includes two teachers, a nurse, a dietitian and a janitor. An Adult class was organized at Island Pond, which continued until spring. This group has been reorganized for the present year. Two nurses worked in the schools of the district during the winter term of last year. A preliminary survey was completed; but this project was closed before the follow-up clinics could be started. Several noon lunch helpers were employed in Rural and graded schools, but this project was closed before the winter term.

Sept. 1 Luke Colby, gravel C.W.A. $25.00

May 12 Fred Carbee, work on C.W.A. $12.00

Apr. 14 D.M. Pond C.W.A. Project $8.75


List of Commodities Received From Federal Government

Canned Beef 30 cases Canned Veal 8 cases Canned Mutton 2 cases Canned Milk 4 cases Beans 100 lbs. Prunes 3 cases

Orders issued by the Selectmen on VERA (Vermont Emergency Relief Administration) project $125.27

Orders issued by the Selectmen on PWA project $1869.55


9 employed on WPA project


List of commodities Received from the Federal Government

Beef 13 cases, Veal 3 cases, Prunes 11 pkgs, Beans 65 lbs, Milk 9 cans, Prunes 336 lbs, Flour 600 lbs., Rolled Oats 96 lbs, Peas 160 lbs., Onions 75 lbs. Received from Montpelier 6 comforters

7 employed on WPA project


5 employed on WPA project

WPA $1,924.44


School Supervisor “Work benches have been installed in some of the rural schools through the generosity of the NYA Project in Burlington. We need wood-working tools and material in order to make practical use of the benches.”

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