Day 9: New Hampshire and Maine!

After leaving Berlin, it wasn’t very far to the Maine border. Just recently, after locating some historical material, I found out that this area was quite active with a number of Civilian Conservation Corp. companies.

Welcome to Maine

I was quite tired after my very long journey, so it was mostly a straight drive down route 2 east to Skowhegan where my parents live.

Skowhegan Indian statue

The arrival in Skowhegan was of immense relief. My 2004 Ford Ranger pickup truck survived the trip with flying colors. It was wise to get good quality tires and get the engine properly serviced in preparation. Needless to say, my parents and siblings were very happy to see me again after moving west in 1998. After putting all my stuff down in their basement, the trailer was returned the next day to the Uhaul dealer in Skowhegan. I was told that I had 10 days to return the trailer or else there would have been extra charges. An option would have been to get a larger UHaul truck and haul my pickup on a trailer but that would have cost $3,500.

After about a month later, I managed to find a nice apartment in Bangor and land a nice taxi job. Just recently, my fathers condition has become much worse, requiring my sisters and I to stay with my parents and keep an eye on them. This of course, was the initiative to move from California in the first place and I’m glad that I listened to my instinct to go.

The entire journey to document the effects of the New Deal was an amazing effort to uncover that which has been poorly documented and made an otherwise dull trip a fun treasure hunt. Even better were those projects like the library in Twin Falls Idaho that I discovered or the mystery school in Ohio and made sure to send in and get on the website. Its a shame that most my work has not been utilized yet by the Living New Deal. I sent the photos in as I discovered them, but for the most part, they’re still in storage awaiting someone to put them up. Manpower is in short supply however, given that its still a university run project mostly run by students. At least you’ve seen them here on this blog, however few people are going to read it.

The End

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