Maine CCC Roster By Town

This is an incomplete compilation of the Civilian Conservation Corp. membership from the State of Maine according to a 1937 Yearbook of the 1st CCC District, 1st Corps Area. Also included is a few of the members that were listed in Camp newspapers if towns they were from was noted. Not included are members who served in out of state camps beyond a few who served in New Hampshire.


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Tucker L. E.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Leonard B.,

160th Co. Greenville – Flye E. P.,


1127th Co. Beddington – Dwelley D.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Perkins W.,


130th Co. Alfred – JohnYates,

159th Co. Patten – Green P.,


1130th Co. Campden – Sargent A. E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Sargent L.,

North Amity

154th Co. Bar Harbor – McIntosh M.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lake E.,

1130th Co. Campden – Estabrook C. F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Brewer F. E.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Akers, H. V.


160th Co. Greenville – Shepard A. C.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Baker W. J.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Jewett A.,

North Anson

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lane W.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Shaw G. E.,

1130th Co. Camden – Dickey H. J., Malesky L. J., McAllister S. W.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Chapman P. E., Stevens H. J.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Snow P.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Coffin V.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Williams A.,

1130th Co. Campden – Snow D. G.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Laurel R. Cameron,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Davis T.,

1127th Co. Beddington – McKenney B., Wing G.,


130th Co. Alfred – Folsom, F. A.

132nd Co. Lewiston – Hyde, C. H.

152nd Co. Stow – Beaulieu R. J.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hasson H., Rowe P.,

159th Co. Patten – Clark J., Merrick F. L., George A. Savage, Marquis Sidney,

160th Co. Greenville – Szady S. L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Joslyn H. B., Scott H. G., Paradis A. L., Reynolds L. V., Scott A. W.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bowden S. T., Crocker F.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Patten F.,

1130th Co. Camden – Philip G. Lonn, Katon W. E., Chasse J. L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Taylor I.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Beaulieu C. J., Davis G. S., Lowe A. F., Sherwood W. F.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Reny V.,

159th Co. Patten – Goldrup W., Robert Boucher,

160th Co. Greenville – Ardelle H. Yeaton,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Turgeon L. F.,

1130th Co. Campden – Roy A. L.,

North Baldwin

1124th Co. Bridgton – Thorne C.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Quimby P.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – McKenzie H. H.,

North Bancroft

160th Co. Greenville – Campbell A. L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Burns J. E.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Murphy L. F., Parent F. H.,

152nd Co. Stow – Cole H. C., Hardy W. K., Levasseur W. J., Thompson W., White R. B.

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Nickerson R.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Drinkwater L.,

159th Co. Patten – McCarthy F. M., Scudder M. W., Myrle H. Doughty,

160th Co. Greenville – Hennessey J. J., Clarke L. S., Glidden B. E., Keough J. L., Lahey P. W.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Hanson T. L., Libby D. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Barrows C. K., Crosby H. E., Dixon A., McNeil V. R.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Reginald McDonald, Corey L., Tinker L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Flanagan J., Hamm W., Ledger L., Vanidstine T., Wood E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Kearns J.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Silvio P. Frati, Brown C. E., Bushey L. J., Dunham E. E., Hughes R. A., Rogerson L. A.,

Bar Harbor

132nd Co. Lewiston – Hayward, M. M.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Daniel Reynolds, Alford Vigue, Perkins A.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Anthony J., Smith L.,

159th Co. Patten – Soper G. H. Jr.,

1130th Co. Campden – Leach W. V.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Moreside, H. A.,

160th Co. Greenville – Allen K.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Doten G.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Moreshead G.,


159th Co. Patten – Edwin W. Craige, Kenneth Brown, Alton Mitchell,

160th Co. Greenville – Marsh J. H.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Dow R. W.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Stover E. G.,


152nd Co. Stow – Harvey T. E., Warman C. G., Warman H. J.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Lorenzo Bragdon, Bragdon R., Gray A., Moore W., Salisbury L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Howard Salisbury,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Smith R. A., Jr.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Beal E., Coombs R.,

1130th Co. Campden – Freeman R. L., Roberts P. B.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Hamlin R. K.,


152nd Co. Stow – McMillan L. S.,

Benton Station

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Povencher A.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Smith D.,


32nd Co. Lewiston – Belanger, L. P., Hutchangs, W. W.,

North Berwick

130th Co. Alfred – Welch, W.

South Berwick

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – England K. E.,


152nd Co. Stow – Wood R. L.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Neault, J. R.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Bilodeau W.,

159th Co. Patten – Henry Gerard, Oscar J. Binnette, Joseph P. (Tin Can) Camire,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Littlefield I. A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Bernier J.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Provencher F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Roland Bisaillon, Bisaillon U., Fortin P. L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Bisaillon R. E.,


130th Co. Alfred – Rice, W. R.


1130th Co. Campden – Tompkins E. H.,

Blue Hill

192nd Co. Princeton – Wescott E. S.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Paterson O. C.,

Blue Hill Falls

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Duffy P.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hatch H.,

159th Co. Patten – Wade C., Keith A. Ritchie,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Jones D.,

Bradford Center

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Townsend C.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Wilcox F. M.,


32nd Co. Lewiston – Campbell, J. E.

165th Co. Fort Williams – Constantine R. L., Haycock M. E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Hall W., Morrill B.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – McLaughton P. D.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Hatch S. K., Martindale G. C., Sickles J. A.,


160th Co. Greenville – Smith M. E.

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Graham R. H.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Clark C., Mayberry E., Foster W., Grover B., Ladd R., Merrifield B., Mitchell M., Potter L., Rollins R., Sargent F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Chandler G. P.,

East Bridgton

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Crocker K. E.,

North Bridgton

1124th Co. Bridgton – Stewart W., Holden K.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Craig W., McCleary C.,

South Bristol

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Rice E.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Ysevicz P.,


159th Co. Patten – Bartlett J. C.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Crosby F.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Reynolds R.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Burpee S.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Micheal Burke, Webber D., Gibbs M. F.,


1130th Co. Camden – Howard E. Redman,


152nd Co. Stow – Martin A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Roy R. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Cassidy E. A.,

Brownville Junction

1127th Co. Beddington – Mann F.,

1130th Co. Campden – Taylor J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Langevine C.,


159th Co. Patten – Loewe A. J., Vermette M. H., Gaudias Belanger, Emilien Patient,

160th Co. Greenville – Raoul L. Belanger,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Marcel P. Vermette

West Brunswick

132nd Co. Lewiston – Sherburne R. W.,

Bryant Pond

159th Co. Patten – Lawrence Yates,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Woodward L. E.,

Boothbay Harbor

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Granger G.,

160th Co. Greenville – Tibbetts J. L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Barter D. F.,

East Boothbay

160th Co. Greenville – Clayton F. Hodgdon


132nd Co. Lewiston – Almy, P. A.

159th Co. Patten – Sprague W. E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Brown R. L.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Judkins W.,

160th Co. Greenville – Millet R. P.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – McLeod W.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Drake J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Cairns N. E., Small D. E.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Dorr L.,

1130th Co. Campden – Willet A. F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Bowden J. M., Williams F. D.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Bradbury J.,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Holt M. A.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Sprague, F. C.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Ayer B.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – McKay G., Porter H.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Hallstrom C. S., Hayman B. J., Johnston E., Lamb H. W., Leeman K. C.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – McKay E. L., Redding C. E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Waycott R.,

1130th Co. Camden – Carver P. P.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – McNamarra F. P., Damon G., White D. F.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Frost C.,

160th Co. Greenville – Young T. P.,

1130th Co. Camden – Forrest S. Smallidge, Heal H. B., Richard C. H., Norton Z.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Ridgwell T.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Holt C.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Holt C. L.,

Cape Elizabeth

1130th Co. Camden – Carr K. A.,


130th Co. Alfred – Cyr, L. A.,

132nd Co. Lewiston – Cyr, L. J., Gurette, C.,

152nd Co. Stow – Watson W. L.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Belanger L., Smart J.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Albert L., Bubar E., Cyr L. J., Desjardin A., Hardacker C., Martin O., Parent F., Parker M., Sirois W., Tardif A., Thibodeau E., Work B.,

159th Co. Patten – Good R. J., Michaud E. D., Ralph J. Goode

165th Co. Fort Williams – Erickson S. J., Bouchard G. R., Hardy V. L., Woods R. L.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Beaupre C., Bouchard A., Bouchard L., Chamberlain J. C., Cyr D. L., Kelley A. F., Levesque M.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Morin R.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Bouchard N., McNally F.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Orelle Guerrette, Aldor Ouellette, Amos Martin, Wright B., Brissette L., Ouellette L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Haney W. D.,


152nd Co. Stow – Bates F. L.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – French J.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – McDonough J.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Merrills G. L., Swan W. F.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Moores P.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Bryant E. E.,


152nd Co. Stow – McKinnon G. W.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Chester C. W.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Eaton B. D.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Stinchfiled F.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Thombs H. B.,

North Castine

165th Co. Fort Williams – Wardwell G. T.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Hatch G.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Dorr B.,

1127th Co. Beddington – George Fickett, Huntley G., Morse N., Tracy N., Tracy W.,


159th Co. Patten – Gerard Fournier,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Hennessy S. G.,


1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Smith A.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – M. Stevens,

Coopers Mills

159th Co. Patten – Marshall E. Noyes,


1127th Co. Beddington – Anderson C., Young J., Colwell G.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Fogg, W. V.,

160th Co. Greenville – Russell F. A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Butler D. E., Pitcher W. A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Russell H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Butler P.,

East Corinth

160th Co. Greenville – Leighton L.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – William French,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Brickmore D. F.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Milton M. Vandez, Mulldune J. W.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Hatt B.,

Cumberland Center

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lindell C.,

Cumberland Mills

1124th Co. Bridgton – Palmer E.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Peffer R.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Schurman H.,

159th Co. Patten – Ackley P. W.,

160th Co. Greenville – Ward E. E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Corbett P.,

Cyr Plantation

159th Co. Patten – Duplessis M. J.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Kenneth M. Nelson,

Damariscotta Mills

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Carter H.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Kinney LeR. S.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Osgood P.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Lesso A.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Cox B., Hoar W.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Preston H. E.,


152nd Co. Stow – Estes E. L.,


130th Co. Alfred – Fortier, R. M.

132nd Co. Lewiston – Bridges, M. C.

152nd Co. Stow – Cobb S. G.

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Clukey S. C., Crawford K.,

159th Co. Patten – Colbath M.,

160th Co. Greenville – Judkins L. E., Perry D.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Clukey J. V.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Bell E.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Covel A. W.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – John DeRoehn,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Smith A.,

159th Co. Patten – Gallagher F., Grenier W. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – McInnis H. F.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Bonsey G.,

1130th Co. Campden – Flanders H. L.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bilton W. T.,

Eagle Lake

132nd Co. Lewiston – Hebert, G. K.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Gagnon C., Smart W.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Raymond E., Roy C.,

159th Co. Patten – Daigle A., Raymond L. V., Roye P.,

160th Co. Greenville – Soucier L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Smart O.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Lionel A. Nadeau, Beaulieu J., Deschene J. G., Dube L., Emond F., Freeman G., Gagnon J. E., Villancourt A.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Nadeau C. L., Labbe O., Michaud B., Saucier P., Smart A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Hebert C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Nadeau A., Nadeau N.,

1130th Co. Campden – Gagnon W., Mason A. A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Baron L., Gagner N., Raymond R., Smart O.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Vaillancourt I.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lord E.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Clark C. S.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Sears M.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Sabean A.,

1130th Co. Camden – Abbott E. W., Morang L. L., Sabean E. A., Thompson C. L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – O’Dell R., Robinson R., Walen A. R.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Barnes J. B., Woodman M. P.,

West Eastport

132nd Co. Lewiston – Cheurier, J. W., Sullivan J. W.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Grant T.,

159th Co. Patten – L. Cahill, Boyce J. L.,

North Edgecomb

152nd Co. Stow – Clifton Reed,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Farley F. M.,

South Eliot

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Carpenter D.,


130th Co. Alfred – Farrell, E.,

152nd Co. Stow – Guthrie G. P.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hurd G.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Cummings C., Higgins H., Sargent A., Crowley C. A.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Dolliver R. G.

192nd Co. Princeton – Daya A. L.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bennoch R. L., Bradbury W. F., Conners L. D., Murch D. H., Allen B. J., Scrivens S. R.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Brown H., Sargent R., Saunders W.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Bower R. C.,

Ellsworth Falls

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Moore G. G.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Stevens F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Oliver Wakefield, Bagley F. A.,

West Enfield

152nd Co. Stow – Chubbuck E. S., Ewing T. B.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Boone D.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Smith L.,

160th Co. Greenville – Nadeau H. W.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Nash H.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Larrabee, N. T.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Davis C.,


159th Co. Patten – Eugene Hassen,

160th Co. Greenville – O’Blemis E. H.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Elliott M.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Colburn J. V.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Gordon, E. S.,

159th Co. Patten – Sumner D. Crabtree,

1127th Co. Beddington – Farnsworth S., Piper R.,

West Franklin

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Mosley N.,


152nd Co. Stow – Blanchette E., Levesque J. A., Michaud C. J., Paradis P. I.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Michaud H.,

159th Co. Patten – Bouchard E.,

160th Co. Greenville – Cyr A. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Paradis L. F.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bouchard C. J., Michaud M. E., Paradis G., Paradis L. F.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Cyr D., Bouchard A., Chasse A.,

1130th Co. Camden – Bouchard A. J.,

Upper Frenchville

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Euclyde Ouellette, Deschaine O’N., Marquis A.,

159th Co. Patten – Baron J., Belanger W., Dumais L.,

160th Co. Greenville – Raymond R. U.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Deschaines N. H.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Morneault R., Roy C. M.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Bouchard C., Roy B.,

1130th Co. Campden – Dumais L. J.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Belanger L.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Kiesman M.,

The Forks

160th Co. Greenville – Hines D. J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Smedburg B.,

Fort Fairfield

165th Co. Fort Williams – Cyr L. K.,

1130th Co. Campden – Martin, W. E., Todd A. F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Delong D. I.,

Fort Kent

132nd Co. Lewiston – Duby, J. L., Gagnon, W. W.

152nd Co. Stow – Boutot H. H., Berube E., Charette A., Daigle S., Deschaine P., Nolan W. H.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Saucier C.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Daigle A., Dube A.,

159th Co. Patten – Grover O’Grady, A. Gagnon, Cyr O. J.,

160th Co. Greenville – Blair T., Castonguay L., Cyr R.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Bouchard J. B., Paradis E.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Charette P. E., Daigle J. W., Gunmond E., Scott C. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Charett L., Babin D., Bouchard M. A., Lizotte C., Pelletier M. G., Thibodeau E. I., Voisine L. J., Wiles G.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Leo Pelletier,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Bard W., Audibert B., Daigle P., Michaud P.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Claude Daigle, Caron A., Landry R., Raymond L.,

1130th Co. Campden – Dube J. L., Ouellette L., Pelletier W. D., Simon L., Voisine E. R.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Ouellette B. J., Pinette S., Cyr N. D., Frenette F.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Rosaire V. Daigle,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Berube W. G., Baron C., Deschaine L., Frenette A., Theriault A. N.,

Fort Kent Mills

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – W. Austin,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Kinney, M. L., Whipple F. W.,

152nd Co. Stow – Curtis S. S., Rock F. J.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Bishop H.,

159th Co. Patten – Hutchinsone J., George A. Marshall,

160th Co. Greenville – Vaine C. W.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Cleveland H., Henderson A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Murphy T.,

Upper Gloucester

1124th Co. Bridgton – Chase W.,


130th Co. Alfred – Wyman, R. E.,

132nd Co. Lewiston – Lowell, P.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Clark I.,

160th Co. Greenville – Cameron D.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Norton R. E.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Wiggin A. R.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Irish M. F.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Warren H.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lloyd Clark, A. Hodgkins, Hodgkins M.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Tuttle A.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Lynn J., Foss J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – More W.,

South Gouldsboro

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Scofield C.,

Grand Isle

152nd Co. Stow – Martin R., Sirois L. R.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Cote L.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Lavigne F.,

159th Co. Patten – Leonard M. J., Sirois B. B.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Beaulieu E. L., Beaulieu V. J.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Cormier E.,

1130th Co. Camden – Chasse R.,

Grand Lake Stream

192nd Co. Princeton – Brown E. S.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Fowler J.,


160th Co. Greenville – Stover L. A.,

Greenville Junction

160th Co. Greenville – Barnard J. A., Graham G. W., Mann F. R.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – McCallum C.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – McLeod H.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Guerrette L.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Mitchell M.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Shaw L.,

1130th Co. Camden – MacDougall E. W.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Drinkwater D., Philbrook L.,

Hamp’n H’ts

159th Co. Patten – Marsh W. E.,

Hall Quarry

152nd Co. Stow – Gonzales H. P.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Varney, E. E., Carey, P.

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Williams E.,

159th Co. Patten – Woodrow Blake,

192nd Co. Princeton – Clark J. H.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Densmore McHardy,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Withee A. W.,

Hampden Highlands

160th Co. Greenville – Marsh R. B., Stevenson H. A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Stevenson F. M.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – White C. W.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Jordan R. E.,

1130th Co. Campden – Hudson L. D., Phippen C. R.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Knowlton H.,

South Hancock

1130th Co. Campden – Dow A. L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Grant E. V.,


1130th Co. Camden – Redman E. D.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Rooks L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Brown L., Snowden A.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Smith A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Fickett D.,


159th Co. Patten – Herbert Winslow,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Malone P.,

1130th Co. Campden – Moody T. E.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Malvin Irish,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Earle F., Irish R.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Spring A.,

East Hiram

159th Co. Patten – Fred W. Rankin

1124th Co. Bridgton – Freeman Howard,


160th Co. Greenville – Rockwell E. C.,

East Holden

165th Co. Fort Williams – Coffin D. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Manzo M. A.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Cyrus B.,

1130th Co. Camden – Bennett L. C.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Ellis, L. E.,

152nd Co. Stow – McNutt O. D.

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Cummings R.,

159th Co. Patten – Andrew Shea, Farrar L. F., Gerow L. S., Frank W. Ketchum, Saunders R. L., Randford Shea,

160th Co. Greenville – Fortier L. M., McKeen F.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – McNutt J. A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Ellis R. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Perley H. Adams, Cunliffe T. H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Albert J., Porter D., Pringle A.,

1130th Co. Camden – Bither W. H.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – William Plant, Moran G. C., Ogden A. G.,


152nd Co. Stow – Black R. W.,

160th Co. Greenville – Babincay F. J.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Nason R. P.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Nelson C. E.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Chamberlain R.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Woodward O.,

Island Falls

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Campbell W., Pipes G.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Paradis E.,

159th Co. Patten – Joseph Albert, Wilbrod Morin, McLaughlin J. F.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Howard M. Lougee, McNelly H. E., Lougee R. S.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Guimond W. L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Hunt T.,


1130th Co. Camden – Louis J. Mathieu, Mathieu A. J.,

Jackman Station

160th Co. Greenville – Boiving R. E.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Taylor F. F.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Williamson C.,

North Jay

159th Co. Patten – Staples C.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Libby M., Reynolds M.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Allen J., Brann C. F., Brann J. G., Cunningham R. B., Cunningham L. E., Dunbar H. H., Maxfield P. R., Russell A. H.,

South Jefferson

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Banks W. H.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Wallace C.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Smith D. R.,


159th Co. Patten – Alley, R. K., Donovan R. P., Almen Davis, John West,

160th Co. Greenville – Norton R. N.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Berry T. A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Kelley H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Caler M., Carver G., Donovan L., Huntley J.,

1130th Co. Campden – White G. B.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Smith O.,

West Jonesport

159th Co. Patten – Urquhart G. F., Manchester T.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Merchant R. C.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Merchant G., Polk C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Peabody W.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Duplessie A., Marquis A.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Lizotte P.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Burebe E. J.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Chasse, A.,

152nd Co. Stow – Michaud W.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Berube R., Voisine G.,

159th Co. Patten – Plourde P. J.,

160th Co. Greenville – Michaud G. H.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Paradis J. A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Duplessie A., Marquis A.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Bouchard E., Lizotte P.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Burebe E. J.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Voisine C.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Carmault W. J.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Brown C.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Hollowell S.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Lebarge, R. W.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Peabody F. G.,

1130th Co. Campden – Ladd H. H., Pare R. A.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Whitten D. M.,


159th Co. Patten – Hersome D. A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Shaw A. G.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Ashie J., Thompson L. T.,


152nd Co. Stow – Stanley I. J.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Eldridge E. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Fernald W. D.,

Kittery Point

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Bedell F. G., Foss M. E., Tobey R.,

Lambert Lake

192nd Co. Princeton – Willis R. Grass, Walls B. F., Dyer O. C.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Thurlow E. W.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Porter G.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Hartford L.,

North Leeds

132nd Co. Lewiston – Card, H. M.


132nd Co. Lewiston – Clarry, D. L., Crowley, C. T., Forbes, J. V., Guenette, R. A., Labbe, R. J.,

152nd Co. Stow – Caffrey W. F.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Joseph Morin, Coutore R., Marin A., Morin J.,

159th Co. Patten – Robert H. Fortin, Gagne J., Ouellette J., Tardiff E., Wailus P. M., Frank P. Michaud, Edmund J. Baribeault, Joseph E. Derosiers, Armand Morin, Emile L. Parent, Walter Metcalf, Arthur L. Libby, Wilfred Bellmore,

160th Co. Greenville – Provencial J., Foisy J., Thomas L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Labby A. A., Beaudin J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Aube J. A., Vallee L. J.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Cote P. G., Foisy L. J.,


152nd Co. Stow – Fernald R. L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Watson F.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Ryan R.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Stevens V.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Cram R., Wyman V.,


152nd Co. Stow – Madore C. L.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Ludger Doucette, Doucette A., Levasseur W.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Therriault F.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Theriault R., Langlais E., Levasseur A., Ouellette L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Godin A.,

1130th Co. Camden – Berube E. F.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Carson R., Donovan E., Tardy F.,

159th Co. Patten – Brooker D. H., Castonguay P., McLaughlin B. G.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Fisher L. J., Gagnon W. J.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Dennis Johndro,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Cyr A.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Edgecomb B.,

1130th Co. Camden – Bellefleur J. S.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Kirkpatrick G., Poitras O., St. Pierre N., Willard D. N.,


160th Co. Greenville – Tilton R. L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Wakefield W. A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Smith L. M.,

Lincoln Center

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Nutte V.,


152nd Co. Stow – Crooker R. B.,

159th Co. Patten – Sam Ripley,

1127th Co. Beddington – Weed W.,

1130th Co. Campden – McKenna J. W.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Malone L.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Sawyer R. M.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Gray H.,

Lisbon Center

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Miles E.,

Lisbon Falls

132nd Co. Lewiston – Hlister, A. J.

1130th Co. Camden – Grunert K. F.,

Livermore Falls

132nd Co. Lewiston – Pomerleau, J. Phillip,

159th Co. Patten – George P. Emerson,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Thibeau I. J.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Wetherington N.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Severe LaPointe

Long Island

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Grover C.,

159th Co. Patten – Leon G. Littlejohn,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Littlejohn L. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Ross C. T.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Rich R. L.,

East Longmeadow

1124th Co. Bridgton – Carto R.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Rice T. C.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Quinn J. E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – McDowell L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Chaney V. W., Kelly S.,

West Lubec

159th Co. Patten – Mahar H. B.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Hatt H. E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Johnson C.,

1130th Co. Camden – Doten R. M.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Johnso S.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Albee E. E.,

East Machais

159th Co. Patten – Jamieson A. H.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Ackley H. H.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Gallagher R. M.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Marvis Fickett,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Ackley L. J.,

West Machais

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Graham W. A.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Homes W.,

1130th Co. Camden – Morse F. O.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Holmes W.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Shaw A. L.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Daigle, P. L., Leblanc, P., Ouellette G.,

152nd Co. Stow – Laferriere N. D., Roy L.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hector Dumond, Gendreau A.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Cyr L., Roy E.,

192nd Co. Princeton – St. Onge N.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Gilbert Daigle, Bell E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Depres E., Dumond B., Fournier A., Tardif R.,

1130th Co. Camden – Daigle A. J.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – White R.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – DeRoche E., Dugas C.,

159th Co. Patten – Kenney R. W.,

160th Co. Greenville – Adams A. H., Ingalls H. E., Worster D. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Arsenault E. J., Bryant R. G.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Carleton J. Boulette, Pray D. A., Spaulding K. F.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Poirier J., Maslen C., Abbott V., Lewis P.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Otis M. T.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Roy L. J.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Dow E.,

160th Co. Greenville – Hartford R. E.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Thompkins P.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – McBride R. E.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Campbell R.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – W. Johnston, Goding C.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Swett L. W.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Johnston W.,

McKinley (today part of Trenton)

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Francis G.,

159th Co. Patten – Martis W., Jr.,

Mechanic Falls

132nd Co. Lewiston – Brady, D. E.

165th Co. Fort Williams – MacAllister L. G., McAllister H. E.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Frank Carter,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Chiampa J.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Harold C. Beathem, York H.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Foley, F. F.,

159th Co. Patten – True E.,

160th Co. Greenville – Fenton F. W.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Drury R.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Wright J.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Richard E. J.,

152nd Co. Stow – Richard J. L.,


152nd Co. Stow – Hawkins M. C.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Parker C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Bechard D.,


160th Co. Greenville – MacDonald D.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Milan Miller, Dunn K.,

1130th Co. Camden – Boyington C. M.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Gauvin W. W., Sirois A. E.,


152nd Co. Stow – Mackin J. W., Lamson A. E.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – MacKenzie T.,

159th Co. Patten – Baston C. J., Cormier P. H., King L., LaPoint J. E., Walls D. H., Witherly R. V.,

160th Co. Greenville – MCMahon V.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Hikel G. J., McCreevy E. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – King A., Boutaugh J. A.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – George C. Elsemore, James H. McInnis, Gerald A. Whiston, Grant H. J., Henry A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Dientes P., Fowler W., Friel W., Pelletier E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – York C.,

1130th Co. Campden – Gagnier E. F., Healey A. A., Pound D. O.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Chasse F., Cormier L. L., Corriveau L., Cote A. E., Gallant C. J., Hall M. P., Lyons J. H., Mackin R. E., Richard P. T.,

East Millinocket

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bishop R., Casey F. D.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Pray L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Longton W. H.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Mallett, N. L.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – King P.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Badger V., Dunfee M.,


152nd Co. Stow – Light F. F.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Blanchard N.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Dumont A.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Tripp K.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Edward Mitchell

160th Co. Greenville – Frank F. Crockett, Carrol G. Smith Danielson M. L., Carlberg J. A., Crockett J. A.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Bjork R. A.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Davis B.,

159th Co. Patten – Miller P.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Upton D. A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Hobbs C., Rush P.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Lawrence Leavitt,

1130th Co. Camden – Wilbur L. Wiley,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Gulliver G. R.,


159th Co. Patten – Irving R. Cross,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Hatch W.,

Mount Chase

159th Co. Patten – Desmond R. O.,

Mount Desert

132nd Co. Lewiston – Bracy C. L.,

Mount Vernon

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Towle H.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Whittier F. P.,


152nd Co. Stow – Leavitt R. D.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Ross J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Shaw L.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Maurice Dube,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Sheehan J.,


159th Co. Patten – Edward Tukey,

1130th Co. Campden – Hopkins L. K.,

New Sharon

132nd Co. Lewiston – Tibbetts, Raymond J.

New Sweden

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Espling C.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Raynes R.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Fairbrother A.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Morrison H. S.,

North New Portland

160th Co. Greenville – Walker H. E.,

West New Portland

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Safford D.,


1127th Co. Beddington – Condon C.,


152nd Co. Stow – Green J. H.


1124th Co. Bridgton – Locket L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Dowland P.,


1127th Co. Beddington – White L.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Cook, D. A.,

152nd Co. Stow – Giberson H. S., Grondin R. H.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Miner D.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – George Tuttle, Chamberlain C.,

159th Co. Patten – Knox H. C., Edwin E. Dudley,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Farnham W. M.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Perkins L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Burwood E.,

Old Orchard Beach

152nd Co. Stow – Palardis A.,

Old Town

132nd Co. Lewiston – Brissette, F. A., Dupuis, J. C.,

152nd Co. Stow – Clukey J. E., King W. J.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Brissette W., Cote L. Jr., Legasse L., Mann F.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Baker C., Clukey E., Dubay J., Dube J.,

159th Co. Patten – McPherson D. J., McPherson S. H.,

160th Co. Greenville – Bosse H. J., Gauvain F. L., King E. J., St. Peter H. A.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Smart M. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Cote C. F., Keith R. O.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Pelletier E., Sawyer H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Hall W., Marquis J., Richards J.,

1130th Co. Camden – Desjardins A. T., Duplessis F. X., White A. F.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Carl A. Bishop, Landry J. C., Perro R. L., Cluckey R. T., Depie C. E., Ouellette A. J., Shay L. W., Stormmann R.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Brown, H. F., Burns H. J., Page L. D.,

152nd Co. Stow – Beaulieu H. J.,

159th Co. Patten – Hashey C. R., Muray R. J. Jr., Spencer M. L.,

160th Co. Greenville – Nadeau N. S.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Fortier F. C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Beaulieu F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Miller L.,


1130th Co. Camden – Soper K. B.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Leonard Reed,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Reed H. W.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Felker, I. C.,


159th Co. Patten – Clark J.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Mack R.,

South Paris

192nd Co. Princeton – Harding R. L.,

West Paris

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Crocker E.,


1130th Co. Campden – Leavitt W. A., Raymond V. D.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Beers S. H.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Landry C.,

159th Co. Patten – Hadley McDonald, Leroy Miles, L. Beattie, Hunter R. F., Sibley C. A., McKenney A. I., Campbell J., Finch C. D., Gagnon C. A., Hanson M. O., Ingerson O. E., Palmer R., Roberts F. W., Rogers R. W., Wheaton M., W., George Dunn,

160th Co. Greenville – Chalou A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Ingerson I. B.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Landry J. F.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Gagnon D., Plourd J.,

1130th Co. Campden – Dyer M. L., Rogers P. H.,

Peaks Island

1127th Co. Beddington – Nye F.,

West Pembroke

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Carter S.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Sheldon F. Dudley,

1130th Co. Camden – Carter V. D.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Bulmer W. G., Mills J. L.,


152nd Co. Stow – Mixer G. I.,

160th Co. Greenville – Mixer L. A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Perry H., Perry H.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Field H. N.,

West Peru

159th Co. Patten – Cleston Garneau,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Wiken R.E.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Leathers, L. C.,

160th Co. Greenville – Paul E. Poulin

1130th Co. Campden – Rogers H. J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Bagley R. R.,

East Pittston

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Perkins F. L.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Marshall R. F.,

South Pond

132nd Co. Lewiston – Michaud, G. E.,

152nd Co. Stow – Michaud C.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Homes J. A.,

Portage Lake

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Beaulier D.,

Port Clyde

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Simmons B. D.,


130th Co. Alfred – Basil Keith, Bonney, B.

132nd Co. Lewiston – Balzano, J., Erskine, J., Iezzi, G., Jennings, M. Jr., Joyce, J. P., McCarthy, J. J., Nixon, W., Norris, F. J., Oakes, R. S., Pennell C. R.,

152nd Co. Stow – Flaherty J. J., Melaugh H. P., Blumenthal L., Bowdoin E. R., Campbell J. E., Chandler W. C., Chisholm P. J., Driscoll D. W., Emery D. L., Farr P. M., Guilmette E. I., Layte E. P., McDonough J. H., Pinette A. D.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Eugene Roberts, Bonang J., Chiappe P., Dugan M., Jackson W., Joyce J., Keddy W., Lundy E.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Donatello F., Nelson P., Sloane G., Stimpson P.,

159th Co. Patten – Calvert J., Carignan E., Ladner C., Levine H., Slater R. E., George Lynch, J. Donald O’Rourke, Arthur J. Loewe, Raymond Honan, William Farr, James J. McDonaugh, Raymond Tupper, John A. O’Donnell, Earl E. Foote, Arden N. Sellick, Howard Ryder, Arnold Strout,

160th Co. Greenville – Blanchard F. B., Coyne S. J., Grace L. E., Hardy E. G., Shute J. A., Varra L. L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – John G. Hankard, Harold W. Virgin, Carson C. F. , Noonan T. J., Norton P., Bickford M. M., Coyne J. E., Crowley P. J., Cummings C. A., Hensen A. M., McDonough P. J., McEwen C. O., McKenzie D. G., Stanhope V. E., Walsh F. E.,

192nd Co. Princeton – George A. McCullum, Emerson W. G., Jennings J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Calvert J. J., Cole M. E., Johnson J. D., Peterson B. P., Stratton R. L., Woods F. F.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Raymond Evans, Heskett K., Foley J.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Bardarick B., Duprey C., Errigo J., Gordon F., Larrabee L., McGinty C., Malia E., Rolfe E., Warner F., Webster H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Kinney R., Coyne M., Rogers E., Ball T.,

1130th Co. Camden – Louis G. McCoy, Burns F. E., Fitzmorris B. L., Hall J. W., Kelley W. P., Pritchard J. L., Roller J. E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Ashton G. T., Binette J., Blanchard H. A., Bridges H., Christl O. K., Corradini L., Degruchy F., Gagnon A. J., Greenlaw R. V., Hatt L. T., Hayes J. J., Hemingway R. C., Jewett F. K., Kane T., McCalmon E., McCalmon H., Milnick W., Mitchell I., O’Brien J., Parks W., Sloan C., Spear W., Stanhope H., Talbot D.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Sullivan R. A., Duncanson A. E., Fowles L., Fulton J. J., Meehan J. D., Jr., Parmenter G. D., Romano R. A., Stoddard R. P., Stoddard R. P., Ventresca G.,

South Portland

152nd Co. Stow – Graffam C. P.,

159th Co. Patten – Hurley D. E., Garnett W.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Wilbur F. Herrick,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Chartcharaick J. S., Christl R. S.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Rush E., Bowden J. M., Sigar E.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Acker S. W., Pratt R. C.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Britt R. B., Britt R. W.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Jewett P. E.,

Presque Isle

132nd Co. Lewiston – Dyer, Wilmont F.,

160th Co. Greenville – Albert I. Grenlaw, Reed R. A., Wood E. I.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Tomphkins W. J., Mahaney K.,

1130th Co. Campden – Markure L. J., McAloon J. W.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Maxwell A. A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – John H. Farrell, Gerald T. McLaughlin, Chambers C. T., Grass A. F., McArthur A. L.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Maddix R. C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Earle Roberts,

1130th Co. Camden – Crosby L. E., Knox A. C., Knox A. C., Leland F. F.,

Prospect Harbor

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Alley A. M.,


165th Co. Fort Williams – Pelletier R. D.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Vaillancourt L.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Leighton D. E.,

159th Co. Patten – Stanley E. Brown,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Oakes R. S.,

144th Co. Rangeley – Angelo Cirillo, Maxell Dunham, Raymond J. Murphy, Lindell A. West, Bailey C. R., Crosby L. L., Greene J. D., West E.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Wyman W.,

Red Beach

192nd Co. Princeton – Lane E. D., Quinn C. W.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Carroll Linnekin,

159th Co. Patten – Knox E. L., Walter A. Brown


132nd Co. Lewiston – Chaisson, E. J.,

159th Co. Patten – Granville P. Conrad,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Perry W. J.,

152nd Co. Stow – Despres J. B., Drakus W. W., Therriault E. C.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Gaudin L.,

159th Co. Patten – Hebert G. T., Andrew J. Gallant, Tannis G. Herbert,

160th Co. Greenville – LaBrie E., Therriault N. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Vaillancourt L.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Curtis M.,

1130th Co. Camden – Ouellette A. J., Patrie A. J., St. Cyr R. A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Giasson A. L., Roy P., Thibadeau R.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Diffin R.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Young R. L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Diffin E.,


152nd Co. Stow – Huntley A. G.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Morang M.,

159th Co. Patten – Carlton Ripley,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Sundstrom C. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bertrand E. McClain, Barlow J. R., Staples L. L.,

1130th Co. Camden – Clifton M. Lewis, Doak H. E., Hastings R. J., Pendleton H. M.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Young P. L.,


152nd Co. Stow – Young G. C.,

160th Co. Greenville – Collins F. L.,

1130th Co. Campden – Dow C. F., Grant D. M.,


160th Co. Greenville – Ruell G. S.,

West Rockport

160th Co. Greenville – Collins F. L.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Knight H.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Hodgson R.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Grover O. C.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hodgdon R.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Wyman F. E.,

Salisbury Cove

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Norton H.,


130th Co. Alfred – Clements, J. J. Edgecomb, P., Fretchette, O. Morin, E.

152nd Co. Stow – Hanson J. G.,

160th Co. Greenville – LeBlanc L. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Cote E. J.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Lasante G. J., Picken W. H.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Carleton L. A., Currier D. A., Smith C. A.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Goulette, S. L.,


152nd Co. Stow – Curlew C., Faulkingham L. R.,

Seal Cove

152nd Co. Stow – Reed P. T.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Johnson H. W.,


159th Co. Patten – Holmes E. E.,


152nd Co. Stow – Lenfest J. E.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Corey W.,

160th Co. Greenville – Ward E.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Thompson G. C.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Thompson R. B.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – George Cunningham,

1127th Co. Beddington – Merchant A.,

1130th Co. Camden – Dakin R. C.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Roberts F., Sylvester L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Towle H. L.,

Sebago Lake

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Welch G.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Brown G.,


1130th Co. Campden – Stone G. L.,

Sebec Station

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Hichborn G.,

North Sedgwick

1124th Co. Bridgton – Nevells L.,


159th Co. Patten – Norman E. Daggett, George Tardie,

Sherman Mills

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Patterson F. O.,

Sheridan (Ashland)

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Lagassie G.,

Shin Pond

159th Co. Patten – Hunter H. J.,


160th Co. Greenville – Batcher H. F., Jacobson L. R.,


159th Co. Patten – Bard P., Ouellette E.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Palmer A. W.,

152nd Co. Stow – Redmond L. R., Warren G. E., Wescott J. W., Zinkovitch J. J.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Fernald S.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Bennett D.,

159th Co. Patten – Koelenbeak H., Waters R.,

160th Co. Greenville – Brown J. N., Dillingham E. M., Jarvais J. E., Lessard F. J., Mitchell O. L., Tessier E. H.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Chouinard L. R.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Blethen R., Trepanier L.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Leathers L.,

Smyrna Mills

1130th Co. Camden – Robert C. Condon,

Soldier Pond

1124th Co. Bridgton – Pelletier A.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Lausier E., Boutote J.,

Southwest Harbor

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Lurvey K.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – A. Mace, J. Merritt, R. Stanwood, Elliott J., Grindle R., Stanwood B.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Hall G. F.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Fenton M.,

1130th Co. Campden – Rice E. A.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Dickinson W.,


152nd Co. Stow – Merrill H. F.,

St. Agatha

132nd Co. Lewiston – Hubald D. S.,

152nd Co. Stow – Desrosiers L. A., Michaud A. R.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Hebert E.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Bouchar G., Chasse L.,

159th Co. Patten – Raymond S., Roye J. L.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Chase E. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Guerette R., Paradis V., St. Amant P. P., Theriault P.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Rossignol A., Poissonnier R.,

1130th Co. Campden – Dubey C. G., Fongemie R., Gagnon P., Hebert J. R., Plourd R. R., Ringuette E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Gervais B. H.,

St. Albans

159th Co. Patten – Lloyd A. Wyman,

St. David

132nd Co. Lewiston – Lavertue, A.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Leo T. Cyr,

192nd Co. Princeton – Levesque N.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Cyr J.,

1130th Co. Camden – Cyr C. J.,

St. Francis

159th Co. Patten – Fred J. Plourde,

192nd Co. Princeton – Lazare E. R.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Dalton E. L., Michaud H. L., Plourd P. D.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Hutchinson J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Taggett H.,

St. George

1130th Co. Campden – Kangas H. A.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Passenen V. E.,

Upper St. Turner

192nd Co. Princeton – St. Onge L. J.,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Lovell V. E.,

Steep Falls

165th Co. Fort Williams – Roland P. L.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Robbins G. F.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Gadd R., Harriman R. E., Sibley B.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Marquis R.,

159th Co. Patten – Plourde L.,

1130th Co. Campden – Wheaton N. E.,

Stockton Springs

132nd Co. Lewiston – Curtis, M. F.,

159th Co. Patten – Clyde N. Dunham,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Daley F.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Kenney, William


1127th Co. Beddington – Hubbard G.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – John Holland,


192nd Co. Princeton – Skinner R. G., Stanley G. J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Phinney C.,

Soldier Pond

132nd Co. Lewiston – Sprague, F. C.

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Gravel L., Pelletier P.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Belanger A., Bouchard L.,

160th Co. Greenville – Labbie G. J.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Gagnon C. J., Pelletier J. G.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Andrews W., Martin A., Ober H.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Johnson L. H.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Jackson A.,

East Sullivan

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Whalen R.,

North Sullivan

192nd Co. Princeton – Robertson J. Jr.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Havey G. C.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Warren M.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Ober F. R.,

West Sullivan

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Woodworth K. H.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Bonsey H.,

Smyra Mills

1124th Co. Bridgton – Coburn C.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – A. Bartlett, R. Higgins,

West Tremont

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Pomroy D.,


193rd Co. Ellsworth – Pirie C.,


160th Co. Greenville – Brown E. V.,


152nd Co. Stow – Gardiner M. R.

1124th Co. Bridgton – Larrabee J.,

1130th Co. Campden – Gordon R. G.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – George Armstrong,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Nickles J.,

South Thomaston

1130th Co. Campden – Rackliff A. F.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – George T. Fernald,


1130th Co. Campden – Ivory B. E.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Hall E.,


159th Co. Patten – Clinton Jordon


152nd Co. Stow – Sweetland B.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Doughty E.,

1130th Co. Camden – Arrington C. G.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Bayrd C. E.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Bayrd R. F.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Flinn F. T.,


1127th Co. Beddington – Trull R.,

Van Buren

132nd Co. Lewiston – Soucy P.,

152nd Co. Stow – Pelleteir C. H., Soucy L. A.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Cyr H., Jacques D., Violette C.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – L. Gorey, Corriveau P., Fraser A., Ouellette W.,

159th Co. Patten – Joseph Madore, Pierre M. St., Bouchard J., Chaisson G., St. Pierre H., Violette W. A., Ivan Cyr,

160th Co. Greenville – Violette R. I., Jambard C., Marquis L., Michaud G. A., Sirois R. F., Tardiff R. H.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Ludger Gagnon, Beaulieu R. A., Dumond L., Gagnon B. J., Gagnon O’N. J., Lebel L. A.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Levasseur L. P., Morin U. J.,

1123rd Co. Suncock NH – Violette A.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Ouellette E.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Cyr C., Gagnon R., Guerrette C., Parent W., Morin S., Gagnon L.,

1130th Co. Camden – Levasseur F. E.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Couturier P. W., Parant P., Doucette J. L.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Pelletier C. O., Pelletier P. O.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Theron H. Crandlemire

North Vassalboro

192nd Co. Princeton – Wilcox E. H.,


1127th Co. Beddington – Sweeney P.,


152nd Co. Stow – Knowlton H. G.

160th Co. Greenville – Lawrence F. Hopkins

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Geary A. S., Smith M. W.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Robert Staples,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Elliott E. Hall,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Stewart H. M.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Jones L.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Whitcomb V.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Whitcomb E. M.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Holmes J.,

159th Co. Patten – Hinkley C. D.,

165th Co. Fort Williams – Nutter D. E.,

North Waldoboro

160th Co. Greenville – Miller C. A.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Beaulieu W.,


160th Co. Greenville – Oksanen W.,

South Warren

1130th Co. Campden – Thomas N. E.,


158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Giles L. A., Parker C.,

159th Co. Patten – Langin J.,

160th Co. Greenville – Richards P. L.,


159th Co. Patten – Weber J.,

1130th Co. Camden – Cowing A. G.,

South Waterford

1124th Co. Bridgton – Lundstrom L.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Armand Morrissette, Stevens A. E., Thibeault J. L.,

144th Co. Rangeley – Silvier F. Sirois,

152nd Co. Stow – Gagnon J. L., Theriault R. J., Thibodeau D.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Bernier H., Cayford, C., Duquette A., Dorvil H., Frazier S., Lewis J., Michaud A., Michaud L.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Tully H., Vigue A.,

159th Co. Patten – Charles Rogers, Barney C. R., Williams M. E., Melvin J. Carter, Louis E. Campbellton, Joseph R. LaCroix, Donald R. Frost, Francis J. Berard, Wilfred L. Donna, John M. Peters, Walter J. Vashon,

160th Co. Greenville – Audet R. G., Bourgoin N. D., Smith J. B.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Flibbert J. A.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Donat Duquet, Michaud L. D., Vigue V. G.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Levasseur R., McMahon J., Poisson J., Santerre L.,

1130th Co. Camden – Davis C. W., Williams F. A.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – St. Amand G., Traham R.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Hood P. E., Spaulding K. L.,


1130th Co. Campden – Robertson E. F.,

Weeks Mills

159th Co. Patten – Robert Pullen,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Davis G. W.,


160th Co. Greenville – Bradeen E. M.,


130th Co. Alfred – McLaughlin, W.


132nd Co. Lewiston – Hatt, M. L.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Hatt W.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Gagne, L. O.

152nd Co. Stow – LeBlanc M. R.,

154th Co. Bar Harbor – Gaudett P.,

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Auclair R.,

159th Co. Patten – Martin T., Louis A. Smith, Virgil A. Wormwood,

192nd Co. Princeton – Francoeur O. J.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Martin P.,

1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Cormier S. J., Fecteau J. T.,

South Westport

165th Co. Fort Williams – Boyd H. V.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Stratton G.,


1163rd Co. North Whitefield – Fyfe A. J.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Thibodeau H. E.,

152nd Co. Stow – Hamilton A. W.,


154th Co. Bar Harbor – Thompson O.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Tetrault A.,


1131st Co. Fort Williams – Hanscomb C. E.,

South Windham

132nd Co. Lewiston – Cobb, T. A.

165th Co. Fort Williams – Dyer E. P.,

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Plaisted C. V.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Gordon R.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Draper, G. T.

192nd Co. Princeton – Sayers S. O.,

Winter Harbor

165th Co. Fort Williams – Bickfod G. F.,


192nd Co. Princeton – Parks R. R.,

1130th Co. Campden – Green J. A.,


130th Co. Alfred – Cogill, William

158th Co. Southwest Harbor – Maxim A.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Spooner C.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Chase L. M.,


159th Co. Patten – Cushman J. A.,


132nd Co. Lewiston – Lawless, C. W.,

192nd Co. Princeton – Gerow H. W., Tamaro B., Thombs J. H., Townsend D. K.,

1124th Co. Bridgton – Casey M.,

1127th Co. Beddington – Green T., Kidder L.,

1131st Co. Fort Williams – Barnstown F. A., McLellan C.,


1124th Co. Bridgton – Keegan A.,


152nd Co. Stow – Dean J. C.,

160th Co. Greenville – Dobson G. D.,

York Beach

165th Co. Fort Williams – Mitchell A. R.,

York Village

132nd Co. Lewiston – Arnold, S. W.

193rd Co. Ellsworth – Arnold C. W., Tuttle W. M.,

1130th Co. Campden – Mott J.,